experience a new kind of Family Photo Session.

You want family photos and...

  • You don't want to wrangle the family into matching dress clothes.
  • You aren't comfortable in front of a camera.
  • You have kids that won't sit still long enough for a photograph.

What if I told you that active family photography eliminates all of your concerns surrounding your family photo experience.

Discover a style of family photography WHERE...

You wear clothes that you can get dirty!

Matching dress clothes? Not here! Grab what you wear when you're about to head out the door on your favorite adventures and let's get to the trail head!

You won't feel awkward in front of the camera!

Don't like to pose? Not a fan of your forced smile? Not sure what to do with your hands? No worries. With active family photography you will be too busy:

  • Getting your ice climbing gear racked up.
  • Tightening the spray skirt on your kayak.
  • Bringing that brook trout to the net.

You get the idea!

As for your smile? Your REAL smile? It's in there somewhere and I'll find it.

You Don't have to worry about THE KIDS HAVING FUN!

"My kids won't sit still for a photo!"

Neither do I and I'll never ask them to!

When you book a session with me I join you on your adventure! You choose the activity, the pace and the place and I try and keep up! Your kids should already be doing something they love to do! The more active, the more playful, the better!

This is Active Family Photography after all!

See what these families have been up to!

Say hello.

Let's work together!

I have a fresh High-Five waiting for you! Let's get this adventure of yours started!