Pedal Powered Portrait Studio

Pedal Powered Portrait Studio

What is Portrait Bike?

What?: Art meets Bikes. Studio quality portraits in the middle of your adventure.

Where?: Anywhere a bike is welcomed to travel.

How?: Custom built camera packs attached to my 2018 Salsa Blackborow allow me to transport battery powered, stuido style strobes, stands, and light modifiers and my other odds and ends anywhere that a bike can go, any time, any place, and any season.

Why: As an active participant in long distance gravel races, I know how hard the back half of the day is and I believe that there is something to that 80-ish-mile mark that’s unique. It’s the spot where you’ve worked so hard to just get to. You’ve battled your highs and lows, and you may still be fighting some of those thoughts and thinking about quitting.

You are just close enough to know that you’re going to finish and just far enough away that it still seems kind of daunting.

That’s the spot where I want to spend a minute with the rider, offer up some words of encouragement, hear their story on the day and take a portrait that tells their unique story. A story that only exists in that fraction of a second, right there in the woods. I’ll offer them a high five, and then send them on the way to the finish. The person that crosses the finish line is a different person than they were at mile 80 when we hung out. The mile 80 person is different from the person who started the day. Riders need to know that person that lives within them and to see that part of themselves.

The day has been long at that point, and I think you’re the toughest and at the same time the most vulnerable in that mile 80ish window.

I want people to have that image to look back at and be reminded of their story from that ride.

That's the Portrait Bike.

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